Virtuse Group (VG) is an international carbon emissions trading group founded in 2006 and based in Singapore. Company combines trading expertise, intelligent data and unparalleled knowledge of Chinese, European and Global ETS markets. In 2010 Virtuse pioneered the carbon emission industry under EU ETS and became one of the largest emission traders in Europe. In 2014 company became the 1st foreign member of China Emissions Exchange (CEEX) in Shenzhen, and has been the largest international trader in China ever since. Whole group specializes on Europe, China and Southeast Asia through its main offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, Bratislava and Manila.

Virtuse’s clients and counterparties include

Industrial companies which are part of the China and EU ETS
CDM and JI project owners which trade CERs and CCERs from projects
Trading houses and banks with emissions trading desks
Governments that buy and sell emissions instruments

Why Virtuse?

  • The largest foreign emission trader in China

With over 200 million emissions traded it make VG one of the largest emission trad-ers in the world.
  • Best Execution

Virtuse executes every order in the best way possible in terms of price, speed and any other variable important to the client.< /br> Simplicity:
No hidden fees or charges
Simple, non-exclusive contracts
Rapid execution of orders – providing flexibility
Easy payments through online payments or bank transfer
  • Best analytics and predictions

Virtuse team consists of diverse international background and specializations. VG offers one of the best analytics team in the industry with complete energy an environmental consultancy. Provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual publications for clients and partners.