Thanks to the Paris Agreement carbon trading programs are proliferating all over the world. More than 40 countries are relying on carbon markets to reduce their emissions. This sends a positive signal to other 100 countries which are considering or developing cap and trade programs. To achieve the ambitious limits, set in Paris Agreement the price of carbon must be at much higher levels therefore the allocation of carbon credits to carbon markets will have to be more and more restricted.

According to many analysts, carbon price will reach $50 per ton of CO2 by 2025, almost tenfold increase in 7 years. This makes an emission allowance a worthwhile long-term investment. London-based fund managers Schroders recently published the study where they estimate that carbon prices will have to increase to well over $100 a ton to incentivize decarbonization on the scale needed to meet the 2C goal of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Virtuse is the world’s first broker with a unique platform to enable clients to buy and sell emission allowances in Europe and Asia. Investors seeking opportunities to invest in carbon markets can now invest in 90% of global emissions markets. Our specialists understand volatile and unique carbon markets around the world and advise on the risk management strategies efficiently.

With our 10-year experience in the carbon markets, and over 200 million of allowances traded we can avoid the uncertainties of politics, regulation, hedging behaviors of those markets. We assist and consult private investors and companies in the best hedging and/or investing strategies in this fastest growing commodity markets.