Emissions allowances, power and gas under the same roof

The best prices of energy

Virtuse has broad experience in trading energy commodities for medium and large companies, according to their individual needs. Thanks to a properly selected purchasing strategy we create optimal solutions for our customers, which would assure them an advantageous price. All purchasing steps are realized according to an agreed buying schedule. Especially, due to the correctly chosen purchasing possibilities and to the expertise of our traders and analytics we can guarantee the best prices for purchasing energy.


Responsible attitude towards the environment

When purchasing power or gas, our clients receive for free units of certified emission reduction credits, so called CER, through which they can contribute in Virtuse project for improving environment and also erase part of their carbon footprint. We offer our clients an “eco-friendly” product which does not have any additional costs, meanwhile due to the support of green projects, helps minimizing negative impacts on the environment. In this project will be included all Virtuse customers which use our services, not only the ones included in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).


Direct analytic support

Our clients have direct access to our analysts, which provide actual information about the market, price movement, price outlook or legislation issues by sending daily, weekly of quarterly newsletters. Another service provided by Virtuse is analytical support over the telephone, when, aside of informing about  legislation and regulatory news, we provide complete energetic and environmental consultancy.

Our analysts will suggest individual scenarios for the purchasing power, which will help you save your costs. They will evaluate what is important for you during the purchasing process, will assess the risks which you can undergo, will effectively spread the purchase in time or will respond to the change in your consumption.


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