Solar solutions

Virtuse is an energy provider and an energy partner with a flexible mindset and wide-range energy portfolio to customize the right approach for every business. Company uses nature's most enduring resource, the Sun, to develop and implement a wide-range portfolio of effective and sustainable energy solutions. This approach became the vital components for many enterprises and Virtuse is leading the way in making them a reality. Businesses drive the economy forward and it's the companies mission to power them with energy solutions that are reliable, sustainable and affordable.

Who we are
What we do

Virtuse is all-in one solar provider doing financing, custom engineering and installation. Company develops and finances medium and large-scale rooftop deployments, with a growing pipeline of projects in the business community in ASEAN.

Virtuse is committed to carbon emissions mitigation and sustainable development. With the impending threat of climate change and price hikes, company helps to reduce both carbon footprint and electricity cost.


From its home in Singapore, Virtuse sources materials directly from the most trusted manufacturers in the region and maximize the value of the investments and reduce long-term risk. Each company’s supplier has inspired confidence in the world’s biggest banks and solar developers. Virtuse’s holistic approach takes into account quality, price, and long-term warranties, allowing the company to achieve the greatest possible return on investment.